What Does Our “FREE” AMS-Tech Support Software Do?

   What Does AMS-Tech Support Do?

  • Once installed, AMS-TechSupport quickly and automatically detects and notifies you about critical issues on your computer
  • If your computer experiences a problem, a small notification will automatically appear with information about how to contact tech support
  • A built-in contact form allows you to contact A-M-S-Computers with any issues…24/7
  • You’ll benefit by receiving faster repairs, quick access to support, and a higher quality of service overall

We offer our free basic package with: 24/7 Built-in Contact Form, Automatic Health Alerts, Remote Connect Software, No proactive monitoring and No protection.


Who makes this application?

The application is called Kabuto, and is developed by a company named Repair Tech. Repair Tech makes software for IT professionals.

What data is collected?

The data being gathered about your machine is directly related to the issues you’d experience, such as hardware information, application crash information, and hard drive health information.

Is this data ever given to outside parties?

This data is mainly used to give your technician an idea of how healthy your computer is, and if you need help. This data is only ever used by RepairTech for debugging or product improvement purposes, and will never be given or sold to outside parties. The only exception to this is if RepairTech complies and releases reports about the IT industry (for example: “Malware Trends this Year”), and in the case all data would be made anonymous.

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